First steps towards a more active lifestyle – here is how to proceed

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Nowadays, people – young and old spend more time in front of various displays – TVs, smartphones, video games and so many more. Unfortunately, this means less time for actually staying active.

But you can still enjoy staying connected with your friends and listening to your favorite audio books or playlist while staying active and thus fit and healthy.

Here are some tips on starting a new healthier and more active lifestyle:

Limit your screen time

If you feel like you are spending too many hours watching online videos or browsing through your Facebook and Twitter timeline, then you probably are right. Set a limit for the hours you are going to spend watching TV or browsing the web.

This is particularly imperative if you spend your whole work day on a desk and in front of your computer. Just say no to the screens after you are done working and go outside to enjoy a nice long walk, or get a membership card at your local gym instead.

Take your dog or your kids for a stroll at your local park, or simply go outdoors and spend some time breathing fresh air and enjoying the beautiful natural settings.

You will be amazed by how quickly you will start feeling better, fitter and more energized!

Find a new hobby which will help keep you active

Yes, you may already have a hobby which though doesn’t require you to stay active, so why not try out that new dance or yoga class nearby? It is essential that you find an activity which you will enjoy so that you will actually be happy when you are doing it and at the same time be active as well. Group activities are best because having other people around you engaging in a particular activity is a great motivation, and will encourage you to follow along with them. At the same time, you will get a chance to meet a bunch of new people and listen to some great music as well.

Avoid processed snacks

Stay away from fast food and snacks with added sodium, fat and sweeteners. Instead, you can introduce healthier options like raw nuts, carrots, fresh fruit and other veggies as things to snack on while working or watching TV.

Inform the people around you about your lifestyle changes

Tell the people you live with, work with or communicate with about your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. They will surely encourage you and you can even get them to join you in becoming healthier and fitter too!

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