4 Ways to DIY Your Dance Costume

Unique, breathtaking, conversation starter. That is what a dance consume must be. However, we both know just how expensive good costumes might be, and plain costumes just don’t cut it.

Let me be the first to suggest you to do your own costume. Don’t fret. You mostly will need to sew few straight stitches or love DIY stuff. On the long run that will save you hundred if thousand of dollars. The techniques I am going to show you are neither complicated, not difficult. We won’t be diving in the expert stuff, and I won’t teach you anything that requires more than just basic skills.

  1. Add some bling. Hot glue gun or the old fashion needle and thread is all you need. Hit the stores to get some crystals and design a pattern for your costume. Will probably take you 30-60 minutes at most and will make your costume stand out from all the rest. If you don’t feel like it, add a simple brooch to your skirt or top for an added flair.
  2. Add some fabric. Use brooches or safety pins to add more fabric to your costume. Tie the extra fabric and that simple addition will make your costume much different from what it used to be. Just don’t forget to step at least five feet away from the costume so you can decide how it would look like to the public. Everyone sees it from far, so don’t be too harsh on yourself
    Here is an excellent example how adding more fabric can absolutely transform your costume
  3. Add some lace. Here you have a ton of options, especially if you have a very simple sewing machine. Even the most basic one such as those Hello Kitty sewing machines will do, as you only need to sew few straight stitches. There are a ton of lace options you can choose from – pearled lace, black lace, white lace, lace that matches your costume color
  4. Spice it up a bit: layer up your skirt, the top of the gloves. Skirts with similar layers will add volume to your costume. Balancing different colors will make it pop. Don’t be afraid to experiment and look different.

You can also change the hemline by simply chopping off one of the sides, or make a bold slit. Both will change the way your skirt looks and can transform it into something completely amazing!

Fitness and Vacation: Friends or Foes?

Ah, holidays. Martinis on the beach and long summer nights. No wonder that vacation is on everyones’ calendars and takes priority above all else. However, once the long-waited holiday is over we feel loomed and gloomed of the incoming must-dos. Does taking time off really impairs our fitness routine. Do we actually need time off to recharge properly and come back stronger or we’d better keep up without fitness schedule?

Should you take time off fitness?

The jury is still out on this. Some people think that taking time off is no big of a deal and that the most important thing is to continue where you left off after you return. It provides a good pause that lets the mind and the body fully recharge. However, this is true and tested only for those who already have established fitness routine. If you are just getting started, taking time off might not be the best idea. I strongly encourage you to continue working out while you are on holiday. It does not have to be the intensive routine you are following at home, but at least training everyday – it can be swimming, can be hiking or running – whatever strikes your fancy. Just keep on pushing. For a beginner, following the routine for a given period of time is crucial to his/her success. A week off the fitness schedule and it becomes increasingly difficult.

Plus, if you take longer time off, your cardio fitness starts to deteriorate quickly. While just a week off won’t impair it much, taking a whole month vacation without activity is shown to decrease the VO2 by the staggering 20% (calculate your VO2 max here).

Once again, I am a big fan of activity, big or small, during the time off. I get bored quickly of doing nothing, so hitting the gym or going to a hike really shake up monotonous the routine. Last time I signed up for a package of 10 jazzercise classes and the studio was on just a 5 minute walk from the hotel. I didn’t need any specific equipment – I went there in my workout shoes and clothes. You can do the same – no need to lug additional equipment while you are traveling. However, the fitness review site fitaholicgear.com recommends you getting a pair of jazzercise shoes because they have a pivot point and are more flexible than the rest of the athletic shoes. So, if you want to perform better on your next class, get a pair.

Do you know what is the best thing? You can dance in your hotel room if you prefer. You might be on the most isolated island on the world, as long as you wear your laptop and you’ve downloaded the fun dancing videos, you can work out! Of course, it is super fun to meet new people, so nothing beats the live experience.

According to an article on huffingtonpost.com you must schedule the time for physical activity. If you don’t you’ll risk not finding the time in your already busy schedule. If you plan for it, you will have the time.

But why workout at all?

If you are still sitting on the fence, let me tell you the biggest advantages:

  1. If you are working out during the busy week, you will be more focused, will have more energy and more positive attitude towards your life. You can punch all the stress in the gym
  2. If you are exercising while on vacation, the extra sweets and the second servings will be much less visible after you return

Did you know that people who work out to feel good are more inclined to make exercise part of their life than those who simply exercise to look good. Just find an activity that sparks joy!

From dancer to dancer: Tips for getting over your feet problems

If you are earning your living from dancing, you really have to pay attention to your feet and your shoes. From your dance shoes, to your casual ones, even to the slippers at home. The legs are the dancer’s only tool, all the equipment he or she has and ultimately, they have to take a good care of them!

Never wear shoes that are too tight.

They will squish your toes in an uncomfortable position and your feet would hurt at the end of the day. There are a tons of ways to stretch your shoes, but the most popular ones are two:

#1: spraying rubbing alcohol on the inside of the shoe and wear them with thick wool socks

#2: fill them with wet newspapers as much as you can and leave them for 24 hours.

If the shoes are only a bit tight both methods would help them stretch just enough.

Cure your blisters

Blisters are result of two things: moisture and fraction. Tape your feet before the dancing to prevent blisters, put spray deodorant on your feet. Prevention is always better than cure!

However, if you already have blisters, cure them. I’d like to pop my blisters but the opinions are 50/50 pro and against so decide for yourself. I use a sterilized needle and pinch the blister from side to side twice. I then drain it out completely and tut a medical tape over the blister to prevent further friction. Remove the tapes during the night to let them breathe and promote faster healing

Feet smelling badly

Eh, that’s very unpleasant, really. Do everything to prevent the smell:

  1. If you practice daily, rotate your shoes. Get an extra pair and alternate them daily, so they have the time to dry properly. You will also prevent blisters that way
  2. Use either antisweat spray on your feet or put dry tea bags into your shoes after your return home
  3. Wear anti-sweat slippers at home. My friend recommended me to get LeKapmoz as they were the ultimate women’s slippers for sweaty feet, and now I swear they changed my life.
  4. If you have fungus under your nails, cure them. Be consistent. Usual course of a treatment is 2-3 months, and you have to take care of your feet daily. My husband had to do this for 3 months straight. He gave up on week 3 the first time and the nails were not healed. The bad part just needs to grow and it takes time.
  5. Wash your feet thoroughly and dry them completely every night

Getting rid of calluses

That is not so much of a pain problem, rather than just not being visually stylish. They are just proof of your hard work as the feet harden and can handle the stress. When calluses harden you can get rid of them either by using pumice stone or with a file, but make sure you do not get rid of them completely