4 Ways to DIY Your Dance Costume

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Unique, breathtaking, conversation starter. That is what a dance consume must be. However, we both know just how expensive good costumes might be, and plain costumes just don’t cut it.

Let me be the first to suggest you to do your own costume. Don’t fret. You mostly will need to sew few straight stitches or love DIY stuff. On the long run that will save you hundred if thousand of dollars. The techniques I am going to show you are neither complicated, not difficult. We won’t be diving in the expert stuff, and I won’t teach you anything that requires more than just basic skills.

  1. Add some bling. Hot glue gun or the old fashion needle and thread is all you need. Hit the stores to get some crystals and design a pattern for your costume. Will probably take you 30-60 minutes at most and will make your costume stand out from all the rest. If you don’t feel like it, add a simple brooch to your skirt or top for an added flair.
  2. Add some fabric. Use brooches or safety pins to add more fabric to your costume. Tie the extra fabric and that simple addition will make your costume much different from what it used to be. Just don’t forget to step at least five feet away from the costume so you can decide how it would look like to the public. Everyone sees it from far, so don’t be too harsh on yourself
    Here is an excellent example how adding more fabric can absolutely transform your costume
  3. Add some lace. Here you have a ton of options, especially if you have a very simple sewing machine. Even the most basic one such as those Hello Kitty sewing machines will do, as you only need to sew few straight stitches. There are a ton of lace options you can choose from – pearled lace, black lace, white lace, lace that matches your costume color
  4. Spice it up a bit: layer up your skirt, the top of the gloves. Skirts with similar layers will add volume to your costume. Balancing different colors will make it pop. Don’t be afraid to experiment and look different.

You can also change the hemline by simply chopping off one of the sides, or make a bold slit. Both will change the way your skirt looks and can transform it into something completely amazing!

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